Derby College

A great place to study and learn needed an advertising campaign that delivered A+ results.


We wanted to advertise in a way that was different and would engage 15 and 16 year old school students who are notoriously hard to influence.

We also wanted to help correct and reduce the drop-off from the initial application to actual enrolment.

It was important to target the specific areas and target populations across the region.


By using the correct radio stations for the target market and utilising the most efficient time bands and days of the week was important. We also looked for a voice that would both stand out and be relevant to the young adults to increase the impact.

We also wanted to engage the audience and tie in a related radio competition and event invitation within the direct marketing to all applicants.

We knew that outdoor advertising in key geographic areas would also be excellent at increasing the reach and bringing a visual identity to the campaign.


At the time ‘Jay’ from ‘The Inbetweeners’ was a highly influential and recognisable celebrity. We decided to use his voice to generate several key radio messages.

We also decided to invite all applicants to a 1 hour DJ set agreed with James Buckley who plays ’Jay’ which had a massive effect in engaging the audience.

The combination of a recognised and credible celebrity amongst the target market enhanced the effect of the advertising messages and increased the awareness and recall of the messages. The outdoor elements brought a visual aspect to the campaign in key areas.



We achieved a record number of application levels.

The massive additional awareness & “talk-ability” with year 10 and year 11 students and their parents was priceless in increasing the positive brand values of the College.

It also enhanced the Colleges credibility amongst existing students which was a added bonus in retaining existing students at Derby College.


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    Lisa Saunders
    Marketing Director
    Derby College

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    Paul Jeffries
    Managing Director
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